What is "The Magic Garage"?

The Magic Garage is the San Francisco bay area's version of a monthly, mini
Magic Castle, complete with a room dedicated to close-up magic, and of course a
huge garage that has been transformed into a "Palace of Prestidigitation" for the
main event, "The Big Show".  Also are close-up tables for impromptu magic.

How did "The Magic Garage" get started?

Well, there's this magician who used to live a few miles from the World Famous
Hollywood Magic Castle who relocated to the San Francisco Bay area in '95.  A few
years later, he realized that he fell in love with the San Francisco Bay area, yet the
only thing he missed about living in the Hollywood area was the Magic Castle!  This
left our magician always wondering, "How can I have the best of both worlds?"

In the meantime he did what all magicians do by donating his time and talents to
worthy causes such as the  Childhood Cancer Foundation, Parents Helping
Parents, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, just to name a few.  In 2004, as part
of practice sessions for a fund raiser show, he converted his garage into a
makeshift theater to allow videotaping (for rehearsal purposes) of the various magic
acts appearing in the show.  Non- magicians, (friends and family members) would
be invited to view the acts, as part o the polishing process.

The guests absolutely loved this and begged for more!  So it was decided to
produce a monthly event where magicians would bring in their acts along with their
friends and family to have fun, watching and performing magic.